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  WI-FI Hotspots

We use the latest hardware configurations from established vendors with the following feature set:

  1. Creates two separate and discreet networks allowing the owner/administrator to create a wired or wireless hotspot and provide Internet access to visitors, guests, or customers to your company or organization.
  2. Manages up to 250 user accounts with internal database.
  3. Supports at least 50 users accessing the Internet at any given time.
  4. Allows ID/Password-based authentication and authorization (can also be combined with MAC address locking for even stricter access control).
  5. Supports either POP3, RADIUS, or LDAP external authentication servers.
  6. Provides on-line status monitoring and historical traffic data.
  7. SSL-protected access to the administration interface and user authentication interface.
  8. Customizable user log-in and log-out Web interface.
  9. Customizable user log-out timer.
  10. Customizable target URL for users who successfully authenticate.
  11. Console mode administration interface via serial console port.
  12. Supports display of text messages on the log-in page. An administrator could use the administration interface to input messages (promotions, alerts, additional usage time/services with corresponding fees).
  13. Supports NAT for managed clients.
  14. Supports static IP, DHCP client and PPPoE client on the WAN interface.
  15. Built-in DHCP server to manage clients.
  16. Built-in, high-speed policy routing engine.
  17. Customizable peremptory traffic redirection (IP and Port-Redirect).
  18. Built-in NTP client.

If you already have broadband coming into your location, you are missing an opportunity to enhance your customer's experience.  Offering WI-FI to your customers gives you a distinct advantage over your competitor's.

Email us at hotspots@411tech.org for more information.

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