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Transit Police

The principal owner of Information Technology LLC owes much of his success to his experiences with the NYC Transit Police.  As a Transit Police Officer in NYC you quickly learn how to handle pressure.  Unlike their counterparts in the NYPD, Transit Police Officers patrol the subways alone, with radios that often did not work, and you learn to depend on yourself because help is usually not close by.  If you ever have the opportunity to hire a current or retired NYC Transit Police Officer, don't hesitate.  You will be amazed at their dedication and attention to detail.

After eight years of patrolling the subways in all NYC boroughs except Staten Island he was transferred to the Data Processing Unit in January of 1990.

TOPCAT - 'Transit Omniform Program - Computerized Arrest Terminal'

In 1992, after convincing management of the power of the Personal Computer he was tasked to develop a PC application to automate the arrest process in Manhattan.  The application was written in Foxpro for Windows on Windows for Workgroups 3.11. At that time, if there was an issue with the application, he would contact the server group or the networking group.  Of course each group would blame the other for any network or server issue that arose.  This forced him to become an expert on networking and servers so the application would work as designed.  You now have the opportunity to hire this individual.

The arrest process requires the Police Officer to enter the same information on many forms over and over again.  Every form requires the Perpetrator's information, Arresting Officers information, the location of the crime, etc.  The same information then had to be entered into two mainframe computer systems.  This can lead to arrests being thrown out of court if there were any discrepancies.  If on one form the officer wrote 1:00 am and other forms he wrote 11:00 am.  This could jeopardize the case.  The Manhattan DA said he could defend an error if it is on every form, but if the information is different on each form, he would have a much more difficult time explaining these discrepancies to the court.

To automate the process, a new arrest form (TP-67a) was created which the officer filled out by hand.  This form had every field required by all of the separate forms.  Then a Police Administrative Aide entered the information into the application.  The application then worked it's magic.  In fact, to this day, the NYPD does not match evidence to each perpetrator arrested, but this program performed this important function.  Also, there is a hierarchy of crimes that was stored in EBCIDIC and he wrote a function that translated it into ASCII which windows applications is able to understand. All required forms were printed on a laser printer and the data was automatically uploaded to the mainframe systems.

The program was praised by the Manhattan DA's office and other police departments in Manhattan. The source code was given to the NYPD, NYC Housing Police and the Port Authority Police so they could develop the system for their departments.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office produced a video to introduce this new system.  The link below will display the video.  It runs about 11 minutes.


If you can't get the video to play, you can download it by right clicking on the link and then selecting to save it to your computer.

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