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Spice It Up!

Helpdesk - FREE!

Information Technology, LLC is ready to help you with your technical support issues.  We have just instituted a web based helpdesk where our current and future clients can send helpdesk requests right from the web.

Just point your browser to:


Enter your email address and your question.  One of our support representatives will send the answer back by email. Give it a try.

Application Programming

Information Technology, LLC is ready and able to create custom computer applications for your business.

Based on comprehensive review, we design applications that not only get the job done, they allow the user to get the job done quickly, correctly and efficiently.   Our applications are designed to be very user friendly and based on lookup tables for error free data entry.  Below is a partial list of our recent application design victories.

PC Training & Support

Information Technology, LLC is ready for your training and support needs.  Whether at your location or at our office in Marlboro, NJ, we have dedicated staff of professionals who have many years of training and support experience.  We can help!

We have partnered with www.zolved.com and www.teamviewer.com to offer our customers remote technical support.  No more waiting for us to come onsite for software or hardware issues.  If you are having problems with your computer, do not hesitate to call our office.  Over the internet we will be able to connect to your computer and fix it.  When instructed, just click on the 411tech.org sign below and watch us fix your computer.

After clicking on the 411tech.org sign above and running the application, you will be presented with an eight digit code and a password.  The software is unloaded after use and the password changes every time you run the application so we can never gain access without your express knowledge and permission.  Just give our technician the code and password when requested and we will fix your problem!  Give us a try.

Of course if your internet is not functioning properly we will not be able to connect to you and an onsite call is required.


WI-FI Hotspots
We use the latest hardware configurations from established vendors with features that will securely create your WIFI HotSpot. It creates two separate and discreet networks allowing the owner/administrator to create a wired or wireless hotspot and provide Internet access to visitors, guests, or customers to your company or organization.

Network IP Cameras
Network Security Cameras

We are NOT talking about flimsy webcams!  We utilize products from Panasonic that allow you to view your cameras wherever you can connect to the internet.

These cameras have built in web servers and allow you to save the images offsite!  This way, even if your offices or warehouses are burglarized, we store your images, so even if the burglar takes the camera or computers, you can still view the images because they were saved offsite.

Network Infrastructure

Whether it is running cable, certifying current CAT5 cables, installing Routers, Firewalls, Switches, we can help.  Currently most customers are moving to Gigabit networks.  We can certify that your current infrastructure can handle these speeds.  If you have large databases or are sharing video or music, Gigabit Ethernet is the way to go.

Printable 1 Foot Ruler

Have you ever needed a ruler when working on your computer.  We have a ruler in PDF format that can be printed on your printer.  To get a 1 foot ruler on an 11 inch piece of paper the ruler is placed diagonally.  Click on the details button to open the PDF and just print it.


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