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Application Programming

Based on comprehensive review, we design applications that not only get the job done, they allow the user to get the job done quickly, correctly and efficiently.   Our applications are designed to be very user friendly and based on lookup tables for error free data entry.  Below is a partial list of our recent application design victories.

Current Programming Offerings
We are currently writing all new DATABASE applications with Alpha Software's Alpha Five.  This database programming language allows us to offer Rapid Application Development for both the Desktop AND the web.  This allows us to build HYBRID applications with your backoffice and local intranet users to utilize a full featured client.  Your remote users can use this client application also utilizing Terminal Server.  You can offer your customer's and other remote users WEB access.  Get the best of both worlds.  The data can be in many formats, from MONSTER SQL databases to built in standard DBF's.  Security is utmost in web applications and Alpha offers a built in Security Framework for both the WEB and Client databases.  Be amazed with what we can do, WE ARE!


NYPD E911 Dispatch System

This application was created for the NYPD.  The application took EBCIDIC IBM format data and we implemented a dispatch system with it.  This application was loaded onto 6 laptop computers.  If & when the E911 system went down (and it went down often), the NYPD needed a fast easy way to dispatch their units.  When a call came in, a runner would take the information from the call taker to an office set up with the laptops.  The address was entered into the system and the PCT, Sector and cross street information was displayed and given to a runner to a dispatcher.  A version of this application is now available on the NYPD website so anyone can find out which sector they live in.

bullet NYCTPD Arrest Processing

The arrest process requires the Police Officer to enter the same information on many forms over and over again.  Every form requires the Perpetrator's information, Arresting Officers information, the location of the crime, etc.  The same information then had to be entered into two mainframe computer systems.  This can lead to arrests being thrown out of court if there were any discrepancies.  If on one form the officer wrote 1:00 am and other forms he wrote 11:00 am.  This could jeopardize the case.  The Manhattan DA said he could defend an error if it is on every form, but if the information is different on each form, he would have a much more difficult time explaining these discrepancies to the court.

To automate the process, a new arrest form (TP-67a) was created which the officer filled out by hand.  This form had every field required by all of the separate forms.  Then a Police Administrative Aide entered the information into the application.  The application then worked it's magic.  In fact, to this day, the NYPD does not match evidence to each perpetrator arrested, but this program performed this important function.  Also, there is a hierarchy of crimes that was stored in EBCIDIC and he wrote a function that translated it into ASCII which windows applications is able to understand. All required forms were printed on a laser printer and the data was automatically uploaded to the mainframe systems.

The program was praised by the Manhattan DA's office and other police departments in Manhattan. The source code was given to the NYPD, NYC Housing Police and the Port Authority Police so they could develop the system for their departments.

IME Scheduling Program

This application was created for a group of doctors that perform IME's (Independent Medical Examinations).  The application allows the medical staff to efficiently process hundreds of appointments every day.  When a schedule for a day is created, the user has the capability to create 14, 8 or 4 appointments per hour, per doctor.   Since there is usually a 50% or more no show rate for this type of appointment, 14 appointments per hour is not unreasonable.

IME Billing Program

This application was created for a group of doctors that perform IME's (Independent Medical Examinations).  It works hand in hand with our Scheduling Program to access the data so redundant information is only entered once. The application allows the medical staff to efficiently process the payments made from the scheduling agencies.

Phone Log Program

The phone log can be called an 'Electronic Post It System'.  It can be used by a user to create short notes.  These notes can be for themselves or anyone else who has access to a system or on a network.

Help Desk Support Program

This program was written for the NYC Police Department to track their computer related trouble calls.  The NYPD has thousands of computers and users. This system streamlined the resolution of system outages, as well as gave management the tools they needed for this very important function.  With the prevalence of computer related functions in the department, this application can literally be called a 'life saver'.

Contact us at apps@411tech.org for further information

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Documentation with Active Hyperlinks.


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