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We are NOT talking about flimsy webcams!  We utilize products from Panasonic that allow you to view your cameras wherever you can connect to the internet.

These cameras have built in web servers and allow you to save the images offsite!  This way, even if your offices or warehouses are burglarized, we store your images, so even if the burglar takes the camera or computers, you can still view the images because they were saved offsite.

We have clients that have over 30 cameras, and we store the images and present the client with a DVD every week, so that they have a permanent record of the activities that occur at their locations.

The principle owner of 411tech.org is a 20 year veteran and retired NYPD officer.  His experience within the department included management of the Transit Bureau's 911 Computer Aided Dispatch system and was directly involved with the computerization of the NYC Transit Police Department before it was merged into the NYPD.

We suggest that you check out the following links for more information on the Panasonic equipment we recommend:

Panasonic BL-C10a - Price Approx $175... Pan & Tilt

Panasonic KX-HCM280 - Price Approx $800... Pan, Tilt and a 21X optical zoom!

Panasonic BB-HNP60 - Price Approx $400... Recording Software

One of the best features of the Panasonic Cameras is that they come with free DDNS at www.viewnetcam.com . After we setup your camera's, you can view the images by typing your url ie. http://yourcompany.viewnetcam.com. This feature can cost as much as $50 per year, per camera, with other services.

For more information, just email us at security@411tech.org

See There When You Can't Be There™
Panasonic Network Cameras can be viewed and controlled from a standard web browser. Place cameras in your home, office, vacation home or almost anywhere else that you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required on location!. They are easy to install, easy to operate and require no additional software for your viewing PC. Each camera also comes with a free web address which can track the camera automatically. All you need is a regular Web browser, as all of the other required software, including control software (TCP/UDP) and e-mail software (SMTP) is already inside of each camera. Each camera offers different features to suit your needs, but all offer potential peace of mind.

*Connecting the camera to the Internet requires an Internet Account, and may require that you obtain additional hardware such as a cable or DSL modem, or a hub or router with a 10Base-T Ethernet connection. The camera will not be accessible from across the Internet unless the Internet connection is active. The frame rate of the motion image viewed across the Internet is dependent upon the uplink speed of the Internet connection and other factors.

Simple Ethernet Connection — No PC Required
Cameras are attached through an Ethernet connection (or router) and power source, so you don't need a computer at each location you want monitored. Each camera has a built-in web server with IP address. To view the images on a PC, simply open a graphics-capable Web browser and type in the cameras specified, password optional Internet address.

KX-HCM270 802.11b Wireless Technology
The Panasonic Wireless models are compatible with standard 802.11b wireless devices, allowing the flexibility to install and operate the camera without running network wires, and utilizing SSID filtering and powerful 40/64/128 bit WEP encryption helps to protect your wireless network from illegal intrusion.

Quality Video
View up to 30 frames per second of live motion video with resolution of up to 640x480.

Remote Pan / Tilt Operation
Web-based viewing with remote pan and tilt functions lets you adjust camera angles from a computer in another location.

Outdoor Ready
The KX-HCM230 and KX-HCM270 were designed for outdoor operation, and meet both IPX4 and UL6500 standards of outdoor equipment. They operate down to -5°F and up to 122°F, and are splash resistant for wet-weather operation.

Receive Email from the Camera
Each camera comes with email software already installed. When the camera is connected to the Internet, you can have images automatically emailed to you whenever the camera is triggered by an optional security sensor or a set timer.

View Images from Virtually any Internet Device
View images or watch video on virtually any Internet-enabled device*, including a handheld PC or an Internet-ready cell phone.
* Some devices may require the installation or purchase of web browser software for compatibility. Some devices may not be upgradeable.

Record to a Web Site or Hard Drive
Built-in software records data to a web site through FTP. You can use the same interface to record to the hard drive of a local computer.

Sensor Function*
Receive an email or set the camera to record whenever an optional sensor is triggered by motion, sound, light or a timer.
*The sensor must be attached to the network camera in order to perform sensor functions.

Multiple Mounting Options
With the included mount, our network cameras can be mounted on walls, tripods, a desk stand or even from the ceiling.

Multiple Users
Cameras can be viewed by up to 30 users at once.

View 4 Cameras on One Screen
You can view images from up to four cameras at once. Each image is a link to the control web page for that camera.

The FREE viewnetcam.com service allows you to create a personal web address (e.g., http://bob.viewnetcam.com) at which your camera's live image can be found on the Internet. Access your Panasonic Network Camera live from virtually any Internet connection point around the world! Your web browser is the only software you'll need. How the camera and service works: Special Software embedded within your Panasonic Network Camera gives your camera the ability to locate your unique Internet address. No matter what kind of Internet connection you have or which Internet provider you use, the viewnetcam.com service will keep your camera's Internet address permanent.



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