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Our Mission
To provide our customers with the latest hardware and software solutions that allow them to maximize productivity without losing focus of their primary business goals.

Company Profile
We utilize Microsoft Windows Products to their full extent to provide our users with easy to use solutions. Our dedication to ease of use is second to none. We feel that if software is not easy to use, it will not be used properly or efficiently.

Our latest services now include setting up Wi-Fi Hotspots and installing Network Security Cameras.  The network IP cameras are accessible anywhere in the world using the internet.  The video can be recorded on or off site for archival retrieval at anytime.

Since 1985 we have produced applications for the following industries: manufacturing, Criminal Justice, mainframe to pc and pc to mainframe data transfers, Help Desk Support, Vehicle Fleet Management, Travel Agency Reservation tracking and Medical office scheduling, report generation and Medical billing.

Information Technology, LLC is also available to assist you in your office automation needs. From Help Desk support, consulting and training to custom application solutions.

Information Technology, LLC is dedicated to providing full function solutions to the complex and critical needs of today's market. In a world that depends upon complete, accurate and timely information, there is an ever increasing need for reliable, high performance solutions.

Fundamental to our continued success in this highly competitive market is an unfaltering commitment to quality ~ quality in our products; our people and our service. Quality is critical to your success; it MUST be critical to ours.

Our People
The principle owner of our company has been performing computer support since 1985.  As a Police Officer in the NYPD and the NYC Transit Police, he was instrumental in the computerization of the respective departments.  In 1994 he wrote an application for arrest processing that cut the process time from 3 hours to 45 minutes per arrest.  All forms required for the arrest was printed on a laser printer.  All data was uploaded to Transit Police & NYPD mainframes utilizing a technique called 'Screen Scraping'.  It was the most ambitious computerization of Police procedures at the time.  As you could imagine, at first it was not a hit with the officers who wanted overtime, but after a short while, even those officers were won over when the ease of use of the application was appreciated more than the money.  And they had enough time left in their tour to go out and arrest more BAD GUYS, and that was the point.  Get the officer back on patrol as quickly as possible.

The application was praised by the District Attorney of Manhattan and copied by many agencies throughout the NY area.  He was also given the task to support the Transit Bureau Computer Aided Dispatch System which was responsible for the  911 dispatch of police units to emergencies.

Now that he is retired, in fact, he retired just two weeks before 9/11/01, and he worked at 1 Police Plaza, which was only 3 blocks from the World Trade Center (WTC).  After the attacks on that day, he called his previous bosses and offered his time for FREE to help them out at the time.  The point of this paragraph is, now that he is retired, you can have this dedicated individual on your team where he will most definitely be an asset. Give him a call!




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